The Difference

Doing business with Pantheon Leadership is a fundamentally different experience. Our team has significant expertise, both in and outside Financial Services.

Our values are founded on unselfish team work. Working together we achieve better results and performance for our clients is what drives us. We are committed to an impactful, highly professional service with regular communication and feedback.
We find a solution through questioning and challenging – we don’t simply take a brief, we help shape it. We are a powerful advocate for our clients and partner with them to achieve results they didn’t think were possible.
We provide a tailored range of services including:

Executive and Board Assessment:

Our solutions deliver awareness and step-change for organisational benefit. We align to other initiatives in the business such as future strategy, succession, risk and reputation. This can be at an individual or team level and incorporate assessment, psychometrics and the latest research in leadership to co-create a bespoke solution to get you to where you need to be.


Executive Coaching,
On-boarding and Succession:

Using the latest developments in the world of professional, executive-level coaching, we seek to bring results not only to those we coach, but also to their teams and the organisation as a whole. We can use a variety of approaches be it systemic, stakeholder-led, neuroscience based or using an in-depth psychology approach.

Candidate Profiling:

We inform your decisions for new hires and promotions with detailed Pantheon Leadership Profiles for candidates. These profiles reflect our deep understanding of what makes an executive and their team successful in each market, culture and role. They are a product of in-depth structured interviews and data from leading-edge psychometrics.